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Detectors VD

Detectors VD (the switch remote) have three version: VD-1, VD-2 and VD-3. They are intended for use on conveyors joitly with such systems, as SAUKL, AUK, etc. The concept of detectors VD has been developed in the beginning of 2000 year. Comparison with detectors of type KTV and KSL show a set of advantages VD:

  • on passenger-and-freight conveyors the force of action to a cable does not exceed 5 kg vs 18 kg at known;
  • the distance between switches is increased at installation on conveyor: for cargo up to 120 m;
  • for passenger-and-freight up to 300 m;
  • indication of failure and diagnostics of a line of connection is entered, at known is absent;
  • progress of a drive is replaced on rotary, that raises reliability;
  • interchangeability of parts makes 90 % that provides high maintainability.

Detectors VD prepare for a batch production at a factory of Joint-Stock Company "Instroyservis" 11/15/2005.


Detector VD-1

The switch remote VD-1 provides emergency switching-off or local blocking of start-up of cargo conveyors, indication in the worked position, and also external diagnostics of a approach and departing line of connection.

The switch can be used with automatic fixing the switched-off position and without fixing.


Detector VD-2

The switch remote VD-2 provides emergency switching-off or local blocking of start-up of passenger-and-freight conveyors with automatic fixing switched-off position, at effort of influence to a cable of the traction device not exceeding 5 kg.


VD-3 detector

The switch remote VD-3 provides emergency switching-off of the conveyor if derailment traveling belt aside or if controllable mechanism attain to limiting position.

The switch can be used, both in consecutive and in a parallel circuit of a line of emergency switching-off.

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