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Assignment of SAUKL

System of automatic control of conveyor lines SAUKL is intended for:

  • the centralized automated control and the control of operation by the branched out and not branched out conveyor lines, consisting of the belt conveyors intended for transportation of a cargo and carriage of people, with number of conveyors operated through one complete set APU and ALS up to 60 units, and unlimited number of routes, with automatic performance of the set sequence of operations of start-up and a stop of mechanisms of a line with observance of demanded protective switching-off and blocking;
  • the centralized or local automated control and the control of operation by the separate conveyors which are part or not a part of a conveyor line;
  • control of conveyors with a multiimpellent drive, with number of independently switching engines up to four and with adjustable time between switching of engines, with control of brakes of all of drives;
  • telecontrol and the control of a condition by accompanying auxiliaries (type "chute", "stage loader", "feeder");
  • automatic registration and preservation of the information about operation of conveyors and the accompanying equipment, commands of control and adjustments, protective switching-off and blocking;
  • bilateral simplex telecommunication between the dispatcher and points of installation of blocks of control of conveyors.

SAUKL system is intended for operation in mines, including dangerous on gas and a dust mines and sudden outbursts of coal or gas, and also ore mines where possible formation of explosive mixes of category I, whose flammability refer to group T1 in accordance with GOST 12.1.011, in conditions of a moderate and cold climate, temperature of air from -10 up to +40- T is possible, relative humidity up to 100 % at temperature +35- T. Area of application and conditions of application in mines according to "Uniform safety rules at mining ore, nonmetallic and placer deposits in the underground way" and "Safety rules in coal mines".

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