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Short description

System of automatic control of a branching conveyor lines SAUKL

SAUKL is intended for automation of a mine conveyor transport. Long-term operating experience has confirmed high reliability, convenience in operation, functional completeness and conformity to all safety requirements of operation of a mining equipment, including in dangerous on gas and a dust mines and ore mines. System SAUKL provides joint operation with fire extinguishing modular adjustment UMP-1 and UMP-2 manufactures of Open Company "PKI Gormash".

Concept SAUKL has been developed in the beginning of 90th years together with National mining university (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) and design institute of mining machinery manufacturing of Open Company "PKI Gormash". In SAUKL modern computer technologies are used. Comparison with competing systems have shown many objective advantages SAUKL:

  • Control of the allocated and unallotted conveyor lines;
  • Practically unlimited quantity of conveyors and the conveyor lines operated from one control desk;
  • Decoding of the reasons of emergency stops up to the detector, the developed system of self-diagnostics that allows to reduce an idle time considerably;
  • Documenting of history of process in electronic database journal;
  • The control of circuits of connection of end switches and detectors;
  • Economy of cable production (up to 60 %) due to application of the concept of connection of discretic detectors through modules linear;
  • Opportunity of fast adjustment of system for a concrete configuration of conveyor lines of a mine;
  • Telecontrol by the accompanying equipment (a chute, etc.);
  • Stability to transient power voltage deviation from-40 % up to +20 %.

For consumers from Russia and Belarus SAUKL made in Perm, basis of Open Company "PKI Gormash", for Ukraine and other countries SAUKL is made at a factory of Joint-Stock Company "Instroyservis".

Order product

The complete set of conveyor of SAUKL

The block of control (BUK)
RO Ia (IR54)

The module linear (ML)
RO Ia (IR54)

The power source (IP)
RV 1V Ia (IR54)


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